Volume 4, Issue 2

Opportunity Awaits Us

Paula Rieger, RN, MSN, CAE, FAANThis fall, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report from the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the IOM titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. The IOM is an interdisciplinary advisory body to the nation on issues impacting health. Established in 1970 under the charter of the National Academy of Sciences, the IOM provides independent, objective, evidence-based advice to policy makers, health professionals, the private sector, and the public. While expert committees play an important role in guiding report development, the IOM also convenes public forums, roundtables, and other activities to facilitate discussion, discovery, and cross-discipline thinking.

This important work was done by a committee chaired by former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala. This report represents the culmination of a series of meetings as well as input from stakeholders who testified at several forums held throughout the country. The report is a thorough examination of the nursing workforce and is powerful in that the recommendations are based on evidence. The recommendations offered in the report focus on the intersection between the health needs of an increasingly diverse population across the lifespan and the actions of the nursing workforce. The report is exciting in that these recommendations are intended to support efforts to improve the health of the U.S. population through the contributions that nurses can make to the delivery of care.

The report offers four overall recommendations (more specific recommendations are included throughout the report).

  • Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training.
  • Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression.
  • Nurses should be full partners, with physicians and other healthcare professionals, in redesigning health care in the United States.
  • Effective workforce planning and policy making require better data collection and an improved information infrastructure.

Some may take a less optimistic view of the report and feel that it is just another report for the book shelf and that nothing will change. I tend to be more of an optimist and feel that this represents an important opportunity for nursing, especially at this critical moment in time. What we do today will influence how our profession will look in 10 years. Nurses are the key to the transformation of our future healthcare system. Healthcare experts, legislature, and patients alike are calling us to optimize nursing’s contributions to better meet the needs of all patients for quality health care. Nurses are being asked to take the proverbial seat at the table of change—and we must accept that invitation or others less qualified will take that seat and attempt to speak on our behalf.

Every nurse, from the bedside to the boardroom, has a role in transforming nursing. The environment is ripe for nurses to engage in charting our future—the future of our nation’s health care. Discuss the report with your peers, with your colleagues, and in your work setting. Are there activities you can undertake that relate to the recommendations?

Your professional association is your partner on this journey to maximize this opportunity by advocating for leadership roles for nurses. ONS, along with other specialty nursing organizations, has worked with the American Nurses Association (ANA) to compile a list of activities that relate to recommendations in the report. This document will be posted on the ANA Web site. I urge you to visit the Legislative Action Center to learn more about ONS health policy activities and for resources to hone your advocacy skills.

The door is open. Together, we will step through to embrace the full value and power of our profession. I urge you to visit the Web site dedicated to this report and its initiatives.


Volume 4, Issue 2

Official 2011 ONS Election Results

The ONS Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the official 2011 election results.

Mary Gullatte, PhD, RN, APRN, BC, AOCN®

Director-at-Large (two positions)
Vicki Norton, RN, BSN, OCN®
Lori Williams, PhD, RN, APN, OCN®, AOCN®

Nominating Committee (two positions)
Carla Jolley, RN, ARNP, MN, AOCN®, CHPN
Julie Painter, RN, MSN, OCN®

2011 SIG Election Results
Advanced Nursing Research: Margaret C. Wilmoth, PhD, MSS, RN, FAAN
Ambulatory/Office Nursing: Denise Gates-Baker, MSN, RN-C, OCN®
Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant: Hollie DeVine, MSN, RN, ANP-BC
Cancer Genetics: Jacqueline M. Hale, RN, APN-C, AOCN®
Chemotherapy: Myra Davis-Alston, RN, MSN/Ed, OCN®, CRNI
Clinical Nurse Specialist: Colleen O’Leary, RN, MSN, OCN®, AOCNS®
Clinical Trial Nurses: Rose Ermete, RN, BSN, OCN®, CCRP
Complementary and Integrative Therapies: Cecile Lengacher, RN, PhD
Lymphedema Management: Marcia Beck, ACNS, BC, CLT-LANA
Management and Program Development: Dawn Sumner, RN, BSN, OCN®
Nurse Practitioner: Tamika Turner, MSN, FNP
Pain Management: Fabienne Ulysse, RN, MSN, ANP, AOCNP®
Spiritual Care: Lara Gaston, RN, BSN
Surgical Oncology: Meghan Routt, RN, CNP
Survivorship, Quality of Life, and Rehabilitation: Ann Jones, RN, MS, MBA, AOCN®
Transcultural Nursing Issues: Barbara Owens, RN, PhD, OCN®

In addition, all seven Bylaw amendments were approved.

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Volume 4, Issue 2

Preparing for the Future

Nancee Hirano, RN, MS, ANP, AOCN®
ONS Nominating Committee

The 2011 ONS national election was completed in February, and we have a new president-elect, two new directors-at-large, two new Nominating Committee members, and several new SIG coordinators-elect. Thank you to all who participated as candidates and a special thank you to everyone who voted!

Now it’s time to begin thinking about the 2012 election because, as ONS leaders, one of our responsibilities is to plan for the future. The ONS mission is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care. How will we carry out this mission if we don’t have the leaders to do so?

As an ONS leader, chapter president, or SIG coordinator, you, or someone you know, might be interested in running for one of the four positions in the 2012 national election (treasurer, two directors-at-large, and one Nominating Committee member). The position descriptions are found on the ONS Election Web page. For example, if you click on the link for “Treasurer,” the Web page will provide you with the qualifications, ONS Board member responsibilities, position term, and time commitment. In addition, the role specific responsibilities of the treasurer related to knowledge and skills in financial management (e.g., the budget process) are reviewed. This basic information provides you with the ability to assess whether you might meet the criteria for the position. If a particular position appeals to you, feel free to talk with a former or current ONS Board or Nominating Committee member about your interest.

If you are considering continuing or expanding your involvement in ONS with movement toward a national leadership position but are unsure as to how you might proceed, consider attending “Preparing for the Future: The Many Paths to ONS Leadership,” at ONS Congress in Boston, MA. The ONS Nominating Committee will be presenting this educational session on April 29, 2011 at 3 pm. It will utilize an interactive assessment of attendees' understanding of the ONS leadership process, a discussion of potential ONS leadership development plans, and a review of tools and resources participants might use on their paths to leadership development. In addition, the session will include a panel of ONS leaders relating their stories and experiences as they moved along many different paths to ONS leadership.

We invite you to come to the session and participate. You may gain valuable insight into your beliefs about ONS leadership and gain a better understanding of how to prepare for the future through the many paths to ONS leadership.

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Volume 4, Issue 2

In Memory: Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson

ONF Editor for 20 Years

Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson, RN, MN, noted oncology nurse, researcher, author, and editor of the Oncology Nursing Forum for more than 20 years, died at home on Monday, February 21, from cancer. Carroll-Johnson was an active member of ONS, serving on the Society’s first Steering Council in 1996. She also co-edited two editions of the popular Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum along with Linda M. Gorman, RN, MN, APRN, BC, OCN®, CHPN, and Nancy Jo Bush, RN, MN, MA, AOCN®.

Carroll-Johnson was employed as a senior research specialist in nursing research and education at the City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte, CA. Previously, she had worked for a number of organizations, including the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Nursing and Williams and Wilkins. She had served as editor for the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, Nursing Diagnosis, and the International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing and a minor in psychology from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, CA, and received her master’s degree from UCLA.

In 2010, she received the UCLA School of Nursing Distinguished Alumni Award, and she is also the recipient of two North American Nursing Diagnosis Association’s Unique Contribution Awards. In 2010, ONS awarded the first Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson ONS Distinguished Award for Consistent Contribution to Nursing Literature. Renamed in her honor, the award is given annually to recognize an individual who has made consistent and significant contributions to the oncology nursing literature.

Memorial gifts can be contributed in Carroll-Johnson’s name on the ONS Foundation Web site.

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Volume 4, Issue 2

Leadership Meet and Greet at ONS Congress

Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 7–9 pm
Alcot Room—Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel

Whether you are a seasoned ONS leader on any level or have never ran for or volunteered for a position but always wanted to, this Meet and Greet is your opportunity to meet and network with the ONS Nominating Committee, Leadership Development Institute graduates, and ONS members who have taken various steps of leadership initiative.

Stop by for dessert and to learn about ONS's plans for leadership programming and education in 2012. Discuss everything from opportunities to serve on project teams and advisory panels to running for the ONS Board of Directors. Opportunities and positions exist for every leadership level!

We have the information to steer you in the right direction. Explore where the leader in you may lie!

To give us a preliminary idea of how many people to anticipate, we ask that you kindly let us know if you expect to attend this event by Monday, April 18. Thank you!

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Volume 4, Issue 2

New in 2011: Honor Someone Special Nurses to Receive Complimentary PEP Books!

Look for a new way to honor your nominated nurse in 2011! The Honor Someone Special recognition program recognizes nurses for the special work that they do every day. In 2011, nominated nurses will receive an additional recognition with a complimentary copy of ONS’s best-selling book Putting Evidence Into Practice: Improving Oncology Patient Outcomes (while supplies last). So, not only will your nominated nurse receive national recognition on the ONS Web site for excellent cancer care, your nurse also will receive this popular ONS resource book! Nominate a deserving nurse today by sharing with us how he or she made a difference in the lives of patients.

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Volume 4, Issue 1

2011 Awards Recipients Announced

ONS congratulates the following award recipients for 2011.

Distinguished Awards
Distinguished Researcher Award: Donna Berry, RN, PhD, AOCN®, FAAN

International Award for Contributions in Cancer Care: David-Makumi Kinyanjui, RN,
HEd Dip. Palliative Care, MPC (Candidate)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Judith Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN
Pearl Moore “Making a Difference” Award: Martha Langhorne, MSN, RN, FNP, AOCN®

11th National Conference on Cancer Nursing Research Awards
State-of-the-Science Lectureship Award: Donald “Chip” Bailey, Jr., RN, PhD
Victoria Mock New Investigator Award: Marie A. Bakitas, DNSCc, ARNP, AOCN®, FAAN

Excellence Awards
Excellence in Blood and Marrow Transplantation Award: Rosemary Ford, RN, BSN, OCN®
Excellence in Medical Oncology Award: Barbara Tripp, MSN, RN, CNS, AOCN®
Excellence in Oncology Nursing Health Policy and Advocacy Award: Laurie Dohnalek, RN, MBA, NE-BC
Excellence in Patient/Public Education Award: Ruth Fritskey, MSN, RN, AOCN®
Excellence in Radiation Therapy Nursing Award: Kathleen Bell, RN, MSN, OCN®
Excellence in Survivor Advocacy Award: Ellen Ballard, RN, BSN, OCN®
Mary Nowotny Excellence in Cancer Nursing Education Award: Diana Karius, RN, MS, AOCN®
SIG Excellence Award: Cancer Genetics SIG, Patricia Kelly, DNP, APRN, CNS, AOCN®
Chapter Excellence Awards: Columbus, Alicia DeFrancesco, RN, BSN, OCN®; Metro Minnesota, Rosaleen Duggan, RN, MS, ACNS-BC, AOCNS®; and North Carolina Triangle, Joan Cahill, RSCN, RGN, OCN®

Congratulations to all the winners! In the next issue of Leadership Update, the annual publishing award winners will be announced.

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Volume 4, Issue 2

Utilize the New Diversity and Cultural Competence Webcast for Your Chapter or Institution!

“Diversity/Cultural Competency/Inclusion Training for Effective Leadership” is located on the Diversity and Cultural Competency page of the ONS Web site.

This comprehensive, 30-minute Webcast has been developed specifically for ONS chapters but is applicable for all ONS members within their institutions and community organizations.

Diversity consultant Philippa Strelitz, PhD, MpAff, discusses diversity and cultural competence transformation in an immediately applicable manner. You will find that this critical information provides a powerful way to increase the inclusiveness and effectiveness of your chapter or organization in both patient care and interpersonal communication.

You will learn the following.

  1. The value proposition for diversity and cultural competence transformation
  2. Engaging reflective practice
  3. Strategies for creating a culture of inclusion within your chapters
  4. Diversity and communication
    • Best practices for addressing the unintentional consequences of unconscious bias
    • Best practices for addressing inter-cultural conflict
Chapter presidents, these short Webcasts are excellent resources to use during chapter board meetings or retreats.
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