Volume 5, Issue 2

How Is ONS Doing?

Brian K. Theil, CAE
Director, Membership and Component Relations

ONS was 1 of 20 organizations that served as a participating co-sponsor of the "Decision to Join II" study, which was conducted by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Foundation in late 2011. This was the fifth in a series of "Decision to . . ." studies that the ASAE Foundation has conducted, establishing benchmarking research that brings associations together to investigate key issues in association management.

The original "Decision to Join" study was conducted five years ago in an effort to learn what motivates individuals to participate in professional societies, what they like and do not like about those associations, and how their experiences could be improved. This follow-up study sought to build on those findings and also to determine how the economic challenges and technological advances of the past five years might have changed those perceptions. (ONS did not participate in the original study.)

Several of you likely received and completed this survey and therefore are familiar with the types of questions posed. The survey was deployed to a random sampling of 5,000 current ONS members and to a random sampling of 5,000 non-member customers from our database. The non-member sampling was evenly split between individuals who were former members and those who have never been members but have purchased an ONS product or service within the past three years.

The survey results were very positive, both in quality and quantity. The response rate (24%) was impressive, with 1,209 members participating. Four hundred fifty-seven non-members also participated, a response rate of 9%. (Of the non-member respondents, the breakdown was 54% former members and 46% potential members.)

So How Did ONS Do?

The high scores that ONS received in many areas and how ONS scored relative to other associations in key areas regarding value and loyalty indicate that both members and non-members have a favorable view of the Society.

Items of particular note are that

  • 66% of ONS members responded either 9 or 10 (scale of 0-10) as to how likely they would be to recommend ONS membership to a friend or colleague, a "Net Promoter Score" of 54%.
    • This compares favorably to 44% of all other association member participants responding 9 or 10 about their organizations and a "Net Promoter Score" of 19% for all other associations.
  • 89% of member participants indicated that they either are very likely (76%) or likely (13%) to renew their ONS membership this year.
    • This compares favorably to all other association responses, which was a combined 86% 4 and 5 responses.
  • 31% of non-member participants indicated that they either are very likely (17%) or likely (14%) to join (or rejoin) ONS in the next two years.
  • 76% of member participants responded that they consider the investment they make in dues to ONS each year, relative to the value received, to be either an extremely good investment (40%) or a good investment (36%).
    • This compares favorably to all other association responses, which was a combined 58% 4 and 5 response.
  • 53% of member participants responded that, compared to five years ago, they consider the value of their ONS membership today to be either definitely more valuable (29%) or somewhat more valuable (24%). 32% responded that it was about the same.

Why Do Members Join?

The "Decision to Join II" survey results validate previous survey data gathered by ONS regarding our members' motivations for joining the Society.

For instance, survey participants were asked, "How important are (would be) the following in your decision to join ONS?" with 1 being not at all important and 5 being very important. The top five responses were

  • Access to the most up-to-date information available in the field = 4.52
  • Professional development or educational program offerings = 4.52
  • Certification/credentialing = 4.27
  • Networking opportunities = 3.80
  • Member discounts = 3.52.

When asked, "How important were (would be) the following benefits to your field or profession in your decision to join ONS?" with 1 being not at all important and 5 being very important. The top five responses were

  • Providing standards or guidelines that support quality = 4.34
  • The association's role in defining critical competencies/body of knowledge = 4.22
  • Certifying those who meet critical competency standards = 4.20
  • Maintaining a code of ethics for practice = 4.15
  • Promoting a greater appreciation of the role and value of the field among practitioners = 4.09.

Overall, the survey results were very positive and showed that both members and non-member customers highly value the professional support they receive from ONS and its affiliates. However, room for improvement always exists, so we will continue to strive to not only meet, but also to exceed, your expectations.

For a copy of the survey's complete summary, please contact Brian.


Volume 5, Issue 2

Opportunities Exist for ONS Chapters to Partner With Nurses Around the World

Kate Shaughnessy Hankle, MBA, CVA
Manager of International and Leadership Development

Is your chapter looking for a capacity-building partnership, an exciting bilateral learning experience, or an innovative way to align chapter goals with ONS's strategic plan? If you are looking for a meaningful way to make an impact on oncology nursing, why not consider the influence you can have outside the United States? A tremendous need exists throughout the world for oncology education, and more and more ONS members are seeking ways to become involved with new projects and initiatives, expand their comfort zones, and play a proactive role in the transformation of cancer care on a global level.

As you consider various ways for your chapter to align its goals and initiatives with the ONS Leadership Pillar, consider the third pillar objective—"to enhance ONS's involvement in educating international leaders to promote evidence-based cancer care." Perhaps this could be a perfect opportunity for your chapter to partner with nurses outside the United States to share ideas, research, and best practices. Many ONS chapters already have connected with nurses in low-resource countries to sponsor memberships, webcourse participation, books, and even conference registrations so these nurses can obtain the training, education, and networking opportunities that ONS offers.

Thanks to the dedication and quality work put forth by ONS members, our association continually is sought after by colleagues and organizations around the world to partner on education-, leadership-, and capacity-building initiatives. Most recently, the Ocean Road Medical Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, connected with ONS to determine what partnership possibilities exist for increasing the oncology education of their nurses. Ocean Road is the only cancer center in Tanzania, and patients come from surrounding countries to receive treatment there. The nurses hold diplomas, but no oncology specialization or financial resources to train these nurses exist.

One idea to work collaboratively would be for ONS chapters to connect with these nurses from Ocean Road, which could take various forms. E-mail partnerships are an easy way to discuss best practices, cultural barriers, and key aspects of cancer care. Additionally, chapters could sponsor Cancer Basics webcourse registrations for several nurses for books or other resources.

Additionally, ONS chapters around the Washington, DC area would be phenomenal partners for the ONS Congress in 2013, and perhaps members would be willing to host nurses from Ocean Road for a week or so to observe practices at a local hospital.

If your chapter is interested in partnering in any capacity with a nurse or group of nurses from outside the United States, or if you are a member of a DC or surrounding-area chapter and would be interested in having your chapter work with nurses from Ocean Road to increase their educational experience in conjunction with ONS Congress, please e-mail Kate Shaughnessy Hankle.

We witness every day the many ways in which the world shrinks and simultaneously the ways in which to make a global impact on cancer care increases. As ONS members and oncology nursing leaders, how will you make a difference?

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Volume 5, Issue 2

Expand Your Leadership Knowledge and Skills

The 2012–2016 ONS Strategic Plan has four pillars: Knowledge, Leadership, Quality, and Technology. The goal of the Leadership Pillar states, "Through ONS involvement, members become leaders and effective cancer care advocates in their workplace, community, and the Society." Working toward this goal, several exciting initiatives currently are underway—Leadership Competencies, Leadership Virtual Community, and the Leadership Development Webcourse. Today, we will focus on the new and exciting webcourse.

Recently created by ONS, this webcourse provides the expertise you need to become a strong leader in your institution, community, and profession. The new Leadership Development Webcourse is an intensive program, designed to provide both theoretical information and practical guidance to nurses interested in expanding their knowledge and skills related to leadership. Topics include leadership theories, mentorship (serving and receiving), understanding self, leading change, and much more. The course also offers tools that build upon the competencies of leaders while encompassing a diversity of ages, experience levels, learning styles, and interests.

Throughout the course, you will work with a mentor, network through discussions with fellow participants and faculty, complete comprehensive self-assessments, and learn through multiple formats including audio, video, and interactive activities. You also will learn the intricacies of communication and teamwork and how to apply principles and theories of leadership to your nursing practice.

Register now for the October 2 class, and beat the September 25 registration deadline. You may access the course anytime during the period the class is active, plus you will receive 22.53 contact hours of continuing nursing education (CNE) upon completion of the course requirements.

ONS is accredited as a provider of CNE by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

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Volume 5, Issue 2

Inspire the Translation of Research Into Practice at Inaugural ONS Connections Conference

We can't wait to see you at the ONS Connections: Advancing Care Through Science Conference, November 16-18 in Phoenix, AZ. This groundbreaking, inaugural event will bring nurse scientists and advanced-level nurses together to make the connection between research and practice, drive evidence-based practice, and improve patient outcomes.

Register now for the opportunity to play your part in effecting practice change and improving the quality of cancer care. This unique conference is the perfect place to connect with the best and the brightest in your field. You'll walk away with knowledge that is essential to your practice.

Connections sessions will showcase the cause and effect of nursing science and practice on the quality of cancer care. They will highlight the importance of collaboration between nurse scientists and clinicians for the good of patients with cancer. You'll connect, learn from each other, soak in the latest knowledge, and identify gaps in research—ultimately advancing care through science and science through care.

Don't miss your chance to network with the best and brightest in the field and walk away from the conference with knowledge essential to your practice.

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Volume 5, Issue 2

SIG Posters Receive Recognition

At Congress 2012, the special interest groups (SIGs) held their first SIG poster contest. Seventeen SIGs displayed a poster, and voting took place on Thursday, May 3, 2012 from 11 am–1 pm (CT). The two prize categories were First Place (judges were chosen to vote for this placement) and People's Choice (the public viewers voted for this award). Some of the criteria the voters considered included visual appeal, how informative it was, whether it promoted a clear message, if the information was current and accurate, and if it ignited interest in the SIG.

Congratulations to the Chemotherapy SIG, which won First Place, and to the Complementary and Integrative Therapies SIG, which won People's Choice.

This year, tips and a guide for creating a poster were developed as well as some online resources the SIG leaders could use regarding printing and templates.

Kristine Abueg, RN, MSN, OCN®, Targeted and Biological Therapies (BIO) SIG coordinator shared some tips that she used in preparing the BIO SIG poster.

1) Place your poster print order via your local FedEx Kinko's, and have them process it at the nearest FedEx Kinko's where Congress will be held; this eliminates physical transporting to Congress.

2) Use the QR code marker on your poster—link to the SIG leadership contact information, or link to the SIG's Virtual Community or poster. The attendee can scan the code on their phone and have the SIG leaders' contact information or view the poster.

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Volume 5, Issue 2

Your Feedback Will Help Renovate the ONS Virtual Communities

Brian K. Theil, CAE
Director, Membership and Component Relations

As some of you may be aware, during the past year we have been working with a vendor called Avectra to develop a new web platform for our chapter and SIG Virtual Communities (VCs). As you know from regular staff updates, we have encountered a number of unexpected technical barriers in working with this vendor, which has delayed the launch of the new sites. Despite the best efforts of both parties to resolve these technical issues, we have concluded at this time that we need to move forward with an alternative solution. Accordingly, we have ended our relationship with Avectra.

Anticipating this possible outcome, ONS staff members have been working to identify both short- and long-term solutions to meet your needs. For at least the next year, we will continue using our existing VC platform. During that time, we will continue to gather your feedback regarding your needs and expectations for a new online community experience. We also will explore whether it will be best for us to identify a new external partner for this work or to build a customized VC platform in-house.

On a positive note, the existing VC vendor has developed new features and functionalities that soon will be available to you. ONS staff members have been in touch with your VC administrators to discuss these and related opportunities to streamline and enhance your VC sites.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during the past year. This process has been a learning experience for everyone involved. We believe we now are better positioned to provide the best possible online community experience for you and your members and will continue to keep you updated on plans for a long-term solution as we move forward. In the meantime, please direct any questions or comments you may have to Brian Taylor.

Volume 5, Issue 2

Mark Your Calendars—2013 Leadership Weekend Dates Confirmed

Be sure to mark your calendars for next year's Leadership Weekend in Pittsburgh! The SIG Leadership Workshop dates are Thursday, July 25 to Saturday, July 27. The Chapter Leadership Workshop (formerly Mentorship Weekend) dates are Friday, July 26 to Sunday, July 28. The ONS and affiliate corporation boards also will be meeting during this weekend, so please consult your respective staff contacts for specific meeting dates. 2013 Leadership Weekend activities will be held at the Sheraton Station Square in downtown Pittsburgh. We look forward to seeing you there!

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