Volume 2, Issue 2

Message From the ONS Chief Executive Officer

Brenda NevidjonI hope this newsletter finds you enjoying the happiness of spring. Each year, the budding flowers and trees bring a sense of anticipation and renewal. In this issue of the ONS Leadership Update, we have a variety of articles and updates for you that we hope will give you renewed excitement for your work with ONS.

This issue will cover news from our SIGs. The SIG Council has been hard at work identifying the challenges that SIGs face as well as potential solutions. The communication between the ONS Board of Directors and SIG Council has been valuable to the strengthening of our SIG communities. We also are pleased to recognize the 2009 SIG Excellence Award recipient.

Another article addresses some changes regarding the new imprint that will be used for publishing books that are directed more toward patients. This imprint will give ONS the opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase the awareness of our organization.

We have listened to our chapters regarding the difficulty in managing chapter member dues. Jenny Shinsky, from the ONS Membership Team, has written the article, “PayPal—A Convenient Way for Chapters to Obtain Membership Dues” to help chapters better manage the collection of money for dues and meeting registrations.

Please take a moment to read this issue of the ONS Leadership Update. You’ll see that this issue is packed with updates and information that you need as a volunteer leader of ONS. Thank you for all that you do. ONS is only as strong as its leadership, and we are fortunate to have such a hard-working and dedicated pool of leaders.


Volume 2, Issue 2

SIG Council Update

Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN®
SIG Council Chair
Federal Way, WA

The SIG Council continues to define and refine our role in supporting ONS SIGs. Accomplishments over the past year include the following.

  • Worked to provide a resource area at Congress
  • Ensured SIG meetings did not conflict with satellite symposia
  • Provided business cards for SIG coordinators
  • Made it easier for nurses to choose or renew SIG membership on the membership application form
  • Ensured that all sponsoring SIGs are recognized during introduction of Congress/IOL sessions
  • Posted announcements prior to conferences on which programs a SIG is sponsoring or co-sponsoring
  • Developed a printed guide for assisting new coordinators.

Much has been accomplished by both the Intra-SIG Communication and the Improve Awareness and Presence of SIGS at the National Meetings Workgroups. The Web Site Workgroup is awaiting changes from the ONS Information Technology Department. Two workgroups have had difficulty sustaining momentum for their projects, a topic that will need to be addressed in the near future.

Some of the challenges faced by council members were recently discussed through e-mail and again during a January 28th conference call. These included the difficulty for council members to attend both Congress and the council meeting during the leadership weekend because of the present financial climate. ONS Board liaison Ginny Martin, RN, MSN, AOCN® has been a tremendous asset in providing an open dialogue between the council and the ONS Board.

Much discussion has involved better ways to utilize technology, whether this means the Virtual Community discussion area or e-mail. On-going discussion is taking place about whether the Council should evolve into an Advisory Panel, which would not require annual meetings of its members. Diane Scheuring, MBA, CAE, CMP, will be scheduling a conference call with me and council chair-elect Cyndi Cramer, BA, RN, OCN®, PCRN to learn more about what this option would entail.

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Volume 2, Issue 2

The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing Needs Your Help

Keightley Amen
Staff Editor, ONS Periodicals Publishing
Pittsburgh, PA

The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing (CJON) and future nurse authors need your help.

CJON’s Writing Mentorship Program offers novice writers an opportunity to learn the publishing process from experienced authors. CJON needs a pool of willing mentors to draw upon. If you have publishing experience, in addition to your leadership role in ONS, you are an ideal candidate for mentoring a new author.

The benefits of mentoring through this program are many. You will be listed as second author on the article, you will receive an honorarium upon publication, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you enhanced patient care and the future of your profession. Expenses are reimbursed, and ONS staff members and I offer support every step of the way.

Please join our pool of mentors by filling out an application (Word or PDF). You will be asked to serve if and when a mentee, or “fellow,” is a good match based on your areas of clinical expertise and interest.

For more information about the CJON Writing Mentorship Program, including eligibility criteria, visit the ONS Web site or contact ONS Staff Editor Keightley Amen at 412-859-6258 or kamen@ons.org.

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Volume 2, Issue 2

California East Bay ONS Chapter Hosts Leadership Retreat

Tanya Brubaker, RN, BSN, OCN®
California East Bay Chapter President
Walnut Grove, CA

Delores Hamilton, RN, BSN, OCN®
California East Bay Web Master
Pinole, CA

On February 28, 2009, the California East Bay ONS (CEBONS) Chapter held a planning and leadership retreat. Tanya Brubaker, RN, BSN, OCN®, had been chair of the Leadership Development Institute planning committee in 2008 and wanted to share some lessons in leadership she had learned. A detailed summary of last year was presented, and goals were established for 2009. In 2008, CEBONS experienced a 7% decrease in membership, but we plan to increase our membership 5% in 2009.

Tanya was able to show a video borrowed from the ONS library called “Celebrate what is right with the world.” National Geographic could not have made a better video. The board members really enjoyed watching the video and suggested that it be played at one of our dinner meetings for all the members.

CEBONS held the event at the Wellness Community in Walnut Creek, CA, which is now a newly remodeled center where most of our patients in the East Bay go for support.

Diane Scheuring, MBA, CAE, CMP, from ONS National, shared valuable information with the leadership team in her video-conference. Other featured speakers included Tanya Brubaker, nurse navigator at John Muir Health and a QiBounding instructor described stress reducing techniques on a rebounder. Violin music was provided during the break by James Steven, and he really can play the violin!

CEBONS was very grateful and proud to video-conference with Diane Scheuring. This was a first for CEBONS, and thankfully, it went extremely well. Diane, unfortunately, did not make a personal appearance; however, we hope that in November ONS Director of Membership and Leadership Angie Stengel, MS, CAE, will return for our end of the year reflection retreat.

We ended the day with 20-minute chair massages for all participants. Massage was provided by Keri Denney who was fabulous.

Check out some photos from the event.

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Volume 2, Issue 2

SIG Excellence Award 2009 Recipient

The Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant (BMT) SIG is the 2009 SIG Excellence Award recipient. This SIG has demonstrated great organizational skills, has been successful in member outreach and support, and has promoted both the SIG and ONS strategic plans. They will have a banner posted on the BMT SIG Virtual Community and they had a private room and refreshments at their 2009 Congress SIG Planning/Networking Meeting. Congratulations!

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Volume 2, Issue 2

Hygeia MediaNew Imprint for Commercial Publishing

Barbara A. Sigler, RN, MNEd
Director, ONS Commercial Publishing
Pittsburgh, PA

About two years ago, a long-range planning session for book publishing was held with staff and volunteers. One topic discussed was that our “softer” books were not selling as well, and bookstores wanted to shelve anything from ONS under “Nursing,” even if we saw it as a better fit in “Health and Wellness.” Examples include books like our sexuality book, the various children’s books, and the prayer book.

A strategy that can be used to address this is to use an imprint. An imprint often is used by publishers to expand their audience, for example, publishers sometimes have separate imprints for books in consumer and academic markets or children and adult markets. Our plan is to publish books that have a broader consumer appeal under the imprint “Hygeia Media.” Where it appears in the front matter of our books, it will include the line “An Imprint of the Oncology Nursing Society.” Our plan is to publish the following two new books with the imprint in the next month.

Woman Sex Cancer
Author: Anne Katz

Coping With Cancer: A Patient Pocket Book of Thoughts, Advice, and Inspirations for the Ill
Authors: Veronica Blaha Decker and Linda Weller-Ferris

Much deliberation, research, and thought went into the selection of the name for the imprint. Hygeia Media was inspired by the ancient Greek goddess of health. The icon of Hygeia has been used by foundations, organizations, and hospices as a symbol of health and well-being. The ancient Greeks worshipped Hygeia as a means to prevent sickness, and her flowing dress, long locks, and soulful eyes brought comfort to many sick patients.

Books published under the ONS imprint will focus broadly on health matters for patients, caregivers, and nurses. The first two books deal with cancer and sexuality and how patients cope with cancer.

Because the intent is to market these books to a wide consumer audience, the name of the imprint needs to push beyond the niche market of oncology nursing. The name Hygeia Media will allow us to publish under an iconic symbol that not only represents health and well-being but allows for strong potential in branding and storytelling. Hygeia Media does not limit the type or format of content we might publish and, once branded, could better connect us to our target audience.

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Volume 2, Issue 2

PayPal—A Convenient Way for Chapters to Obtain Membership Dues

Jenny Shinsky
Member Specialist, ONS Membership/Leadership
Pittsburgh, PA

Many chapters struggle to find a convenient way to collect money for dues or monthly meetings. To solve this problem, several chapters have turned to PayPal. PayPal is a secured Web site that allows payments to be made through the Internet.

To use this convenient feature, the chapter must have a free account with PayPal. A link to the account can be placed on the Virtual Community. Members pay using a credit card or checking account on the PayPal site and are returned to the Virtual Community after the transaction is complete.

No monthly fees exist to own a PayPal account. Transaction fees are as low as 1.9% and will be deducted from the account with each transaction. Before creating an account, check out a few tips.

  • Have your chapter’s checking account information ready. This is so that PayPal can transfer the funds into the account after payment is received by the member.
  • When creating an account, an e-mail address must be used. A good suggestion would be to create a chapter-specific e-mail account to use. Free e-mail accounts can be opened through Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.
  • When signing up for a PayPal account, select the “Web Site Payments Standard” option. This is a free account.

To take advantage of this convenient system, visit the PayPal Web site. PayPal is not a service provided by ONS and does not provide technical support.

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