Volume 10, Issue 1, April 2006
Message From the Coordinator
Step Up and Take Ownership of Your SIG

Judith (Judie) Kehs Much, CRNP, AOCN®, APRN,BC
Allentown, PA

Dear Colleagues,

This is the last coordinator's report I will be writing to you. I would like to thank all of you for your support. By the time you read this, Congress 2006 either will be coming shortly or will be history. We expect another exciting time at Congress this year. This SIG sponsored five Congress sessions, two of which were accepted by the Congress team for presentation. Attendees also will have the opportunity to attend two different SIG meetings as a result of a change in scheduling.

The most recent SIG annual report has been submitted to National and is attached here for your review. As a group, we have been very busy, but there still is more to do. We need additional volunteers to step forward for leadership roles within the SIG.

ONS has sent out the call for individuals to run for coordinator-elect of the Cancer Genetics SIG. Please review the job description and consider volunteering for this important position.

The heart and soul and voice of our SIG, Newsletter Editor Marilyn Kile, RN, MSN, CS AOCN®, APRN, is stepping down after more than three years of outstanding service. We have two regional coeditors to help with the job, but we need someone to step forward to take this very important role. We cannot maintain our SIG without a newsletter. I would like to thank Marilyn for going above and beyond duty when she was extraordinarily busy with other responsibilities. She has done an outstanding job, and I encourage all SIG members to e-mail her and thank her for her service.

We also need a Web administrator for the virtual community. The community holds a lot of promise, but we have not embraced its potential. During the last three years, I have served as the administrator. However, the duties prove to be too extensive when they are compounded with those of the coordinator. This needs to be a separate role of a different person.

Please go to www.ons.org to review the job description and make the effort to volunteer in YOUR SIG. Jennifer Loud, RN, MSN, CRNP, will become the coordinator after Congress and will need members to step forward. Evaluate the worth of the SIG and where you would like it to go, and if you have a few hours a week to devote to the cause, volunteer to support your peers in the Cancer Genetics SIG.

The Cancer Genetics SIG Newsletter is produced by members of the
Cancer Genetics SIG and ONS staff and is not a peer-reviewed publication.

Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Message from the Newsletter Editor
Networking is a Key Benefit

Marilyn Kile, RN, MSN, APRN, AOCN®
Kearney, NE

The greatest benefit in working as an ONS SIG newsletter editor is the opportunity to network with other nurses working in cancer genetics. I feel privileged to have met and corresponded with nurse leaders in the field. Equally important, I have had the opportunity to network with nurses, just like myself, who are working in community settings and are searching for educational opportunities and ideas of how to make the service better.

I would like to thank our current coordinator Judie Much and past coordinator Agnes Masny, RN, MPH, MSN, for their support over the last few years. Their mentorship has been a blessing. They also are to be commended for their commitment to the SIG.

I encourage each of you to submit a practice article, a clinical pearl, a case study, a journal or book review, or even a summary of a conference you attended to the SIG newsletter editor. We learn from each other. Enjoy Congress this year and take advantage of the SIG-sponsored sessions and meetings.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Results of SIG Assessment Survey Are Released

Marilyn Kile, RN, MSN, APRN, AOCN®
Kearney, NE

Summary Review

In November 2005, results of the CAG SIG Quality Improvement and Needs Assessment Survey were released. Fifteen percent of members returned their surveys. Members responded that they most value access to current, accurate information about special interest topics, educational opportunities, and the newsletter. Communicating with members and sharing resources are recommendations for improving the value of the SIG. Several members felt that more could be done with the virtual community, whereas others said they have not taken advantage of it. Top issues the SIG should address included access to information, communication, and education. Several members indicated they would be interested in writing articles for the newsletter and participating in a work group within the SIG. Thank you to the members who responded to the survey. If you were one of the respondents interested in becoming more involved in SIG activities or writing a newsletter article, you are encouraged to contact SIG leadership.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Continuing Education
Monograph Review for Genetic Testing and Hereditary Cancer: Implications for Nurses

Marilyn Kile, RN, MSN, APRN, AOCN®
Kearney, NE

Independent study provides nurses the opportunity to learn wherever they live. OES recently has released a continuing education monograph entitled, "Genetic Testing and Hereditary Cancer: Implications for Nurses." The monograph is authored by Karen A. Roesser, RN, MS, AOCN®, an oncology clinical nurse specialist with the Thomas Johns Cancer Center in Richmond, VA, and a Cancer Genetics SIG member, and Lisa G. Mullineaux, MBA, MS, CGC, genetics counselor with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers in Denver, CO. Agnes Masny, RN, MPH, MSN, CRNP, with the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and past coordinator for the SIG, reviewed the monograph.

The authors highlight key educational content with bullet point excerpts and tables. Case studies provide an opportunity for the reader to apply learning from the educational segments of the monograph. The authors outlined the role of the general oncology nurse and the advanced practice oncology nurse in cancer genetic care. They reviewed risk assessment strategies, hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome, hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes, the genetic testing process, and psychosocial aspects of genetic testing. Also included in the monograph are a table of invaluable resources and where the reader can locate the resources.

The content in the monograph will be particularly helpful in educating the generalist oncology nurse and the advanced practice nurse that does not specialize in cancer genetics. They are on the front line of cancer care, and it is imperative they have an understanding of cancer genetics so they can identify patients that demonstrate characteristics suggestive of hereditary cancer syndromes. The authors have done an excellent job of presenting a complex topic in an easy to understand format. It is a good overview for nurses working in cancer genetics.

There is no cost for the monograph. Nurses completing the monograph are awarded 1.7 contact hours for completing a post-test and evaluation of the educational offering. To obtain your copy of the monograph, go to http://esource.ons.org/ProductDetails.aspx?sku=IN3827.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Allow Your Experience to Benefit Others

The Cancer Genetics SIG experienced a 32% growth in membership during 2005. New members may be looking to network with more experienced nurses working in cancer genetics. If you are a member with 10 years or more of oncology nursing experience, ONS is looking to you to provide guidance to the less experienced members of the Cancer Genetics SIG through the new mentoring program. This program was developed to allow ONS SIG members to build relationships and network with other nurses who have similar interests. If you are interested in participating in this program, please visit www.3creekmentoring.com/ons.

To access the program as a mentor, click on "Mentor Login," enter group code 939002, and fill out your biographic information.

To access the program as a mentee, click on "Mentee Login," enter group code 789926, and find the mentor that is right for you.

If you have any comments or questions about accessing this program, please contact Diane Scheuring at dscheuring@ons.org.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

ONS Offers Genetics Short Course for Cancer Nurses

A minimum of three additional genetics short courses will be held regionally over the next two years. CAG SIG members should check for dates at http://onsopcontent.ons.org/Meetings/GeneticsSC/index.shtml. If you are an oncology nurse with an advanced master's and/or doctoral nursing degree and you have an interest in learning more about genetics, this is the program for you.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Legislative Alert
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2005

Every member is encouraged to visit the Legislative Action Center on the ONS Web site at www.ons.org/lac/index.shtml. Last year, the Senate passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2005. This bill is designed to prohibit discrimination on the basis of genetic information with respect to health insurance and employment. It has been sent to the House of Representatives. Members are encouraged to write to their Congressman to show their support for this bill. For current information on the status of this bill or to write your Congressman, please visit the following Web site: http://capwiz.com/ona/issues/?style=D.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Steps Taken to Reach Goal

The Annual Report has been submitted to ONS. To review this document, visit the Virtual Community.

The annual report includes a summary of this past year's achievements. A goal of the CAG SIG this past year was to partner with the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) and the International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG). A joint networking dinner was held last year at ONS Congress. A joint project was developed to explore the attitudes, barriers, and beliefs of nurses and genetic counselors in cancer genetics. Survey results were presented at the networking meeting and in a poster format at the NSGC national meeting. Additional information about CAG SIG workgroups, challenges, and other SIG activities can be found on the SIG's Virtual Community.

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Cancer Genetics SIG Welcomes New Members


Johnnie Anderson

Lovetta Bradshaw

Tammie Brent-Steele

Amy Bryant

Maxine Chang

Kyungsook Choi

Jodi Carlson

Shonda Clements

Katherine Clements

Paula Del Cerro

Erica Daniels

Amanda Daniels

Deborah Davison

Nathaniel Delbel

Juliene Demosthenes

Christine Douchette

Julie Eggert

James Fitzgerald

Jeanne Gorra

Katelin Graff

Patricia Harrison

Holly Harwood

Sharon Hudson

Teresa Jones

Linda Knott

Deborah Krajick

Ursula Kuisma

Paul Larson

Theresa Latorre-Tegtm

Belinda Mandrell

Jolene Marangi

Joan Martin

Carole Martz

Carol Mcguire

Johanna Meehan

Karen Monge

Gudrun Morgan

Bertha Munoz

Lisa Murray

Charlotte Royalty

Carol Sawyer

Karen Shearin

Melody Smith

Annette Stacy

Katrina Staherski

Jacqulyn Stone

Vicky Tam

Beth Taubes

Brenda Thorna

Linda Valentine

Diane Von Ah

Charlotte Wilk

Priscilla Wilson

Mary Kate Young

Dayton, OH

Slocomb, AL

Temple Hills, MD

Houston, TX

Hollywood, FL

Seoul, Korea

Olathe, KS

Moseley, VA

Cheshire, CT

Chicago, IL

Lexington, SC

Towanda, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Tucson, AZ

Pembroke Pines, FL

Groton, CT

Greer, SC

Kenmore, WA

Mentor, OH

Centereach, NY

Woodstock, GA

Princeville, IL

Indianapolis, IN

Plano, TX

Baltimore, MD

Charleston, SC

Sault Ste Marie, ON

Essex Junction, VT

Dover, DE

Memphis, TN

North Reading, MA

Parkville, MO

Mount Prospect, IL

Durango, CO

Cheshire, CT

Decatur, GA

Chicago, IL

Abilene, TX

Memphis, TN

Harrodsburg, KY

Traverse City, MI

Winston Salem, NC

Vancouver, WA

Wynne, AR

Lancaster, PA

State College, PA

Oceanside, CA

Teaneck, NJ

Oneida, NY

Jackson, MO

Prospect, KY

Granger, IN

Antioch, CA

Shreveport, LA

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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Innovative Cancer Genetics Career Development Program

The Department of Clinical Cancer Genetics at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center is offering an innovative Cancer Genetics Career Development Program providing interdisciplinary training focused on cancer genetics and cancer prevention and control research. We are currently conducting a nationwide search to identify promising individuals to join our program. A position is available for a master's level (one-year position) or doctoral level (two-year position) nurse. This dynamic program serves to capitalize on advances in genetic technologies and the Genome Project as applied to translational research in oncology. Fellows will complete a rigorous program of broad-spectrum didactic training in oncology, genetics, epidemiology and research methodology, mentored clinical training, and a research project. The program includes salary and full benefits, with additional funds to support research activities and training. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents as required by the NCI training grant supporting this position. If you have any questions about the program or would like to recommend a potential candidate, please contact Jeffrey N. Weitzel, Director; Deborah MacDonald, Genetics Associate; or Marilyn King, Program Coordinator, at (626) 256-8662 or by e-mail cgcdp@coh.org.
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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Membership Information

SIG Membership Benefits
  • Network with colleagues in an identified subspecialty area around the country.
  • Contribute articles for your SIG's newsletter.
  • Participate in discussions with other SIG members.
  • Contribute to the future path of the SIG.
  • Share your expertise.
  • Support and/or mentor a colleague.
  • Receive information about the latest advancements in treatments, clinical trials, etc.
  • Participate in ONS leadership by running for SIG coordinator-elect or join SIG work groups.
  • Acquire information with a click of a mouse at http://sig.ons.wego.net, including
    • Educational opportunities for your subspecialty
    • Education material on practice
    • Calls to action
    • News impacting or affecting your specific SIG
    • Newsletters
    • Communiqués
    • Meeting minutes.

Join a Virtual Community
A great way to stay connected to your SIG is to join its Virtual Community. It's easy to do so. All you will need to do is

  • Log on to the ONS Web site (www.ons.org).
  • Select "Membership" from the tabs above.
  • Then, click on "Chapters, SIGs & Virtual Communities."
  • Scroll down to "Special Interest Groups (SIG) Virtual Community" and click.
  • Now, select "Find a SIG."
  • Locate and click on the name of your SIG from the list of all ONS SIGs displayed.
  • Once the front page of your SIG's Virtual Community appears on screen, select "New User" from the top left. (This allows you to create log-in credentials.)
  • Type the required information into the text fields as prompted.
  • Click "Join Group" (at the bottom right of the text fields) when done.
Special Notices
  • If you already have log-in credentials generated from the ONS Web site, use this information instead of attempting to generate new information.
  • If you created log-in credentials for the ONS Web site and wish to have different log-in information, you will not be able to use the same e-mail address to generate your new credentials. Instead, use an alternate e-mail address.

Subscribe to Your SIG's Virtual Community Discussion Forum
All members are encouraged to participate in their SIG's discussion forum. This area affords the opportunity for exchange of information between members and nonmembers on topics specific to all oncology subspecialties. Once you have your log-in credentials, you are ready to subscribe to your SIG's Virtual Community discussion forum. To do so,

  • Select "Log In," located next to "New User," and enter your information.
  • Next, click on the "Discussion" tab on the top right of the title bar.
  • Now, select "Featured Discussion" from the left drop-down menu.
  • Locate and select "Subscribe to Discussion" inside the "Featured Discussion" section.
  • Go to "Subscription Options" and select "Options."
  • When you have selected and entered all required criteria, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Click "Finish."
  • You are now ready to begin participating in your SIG's discussion forum.
Participate in Your SIG's Virtual Community Discussion Forum
  • First, log in. (This allows others to identify you and enables you to receive notification [via e-mail] each time a response or new topic is posted.)
  • Click on "Discussion" from the top title bar.
  • Select "Featured Discussion" from the left drop-down menu.
  • Click on any posted topic to view contents and post responses.

Sign Up to Receive Your SIG's Virtual Community Announcements
As an added feature, members also are able to register to receive their SIG's announcements by e-mail.

  • From your SIG's Virtual Community page, locate the "Sign Up Here to Receive Your SIG's Announcements" section. This appears above the posted announcements section.
  • Select the "Click Here" feature, which will take you to a link to subscribe.
  • Once the "For Announcement Subscription Only" page appears on screen, select how you wish to receive your announcements.
    • As individual e-mails each time a new announcement is posted
    • One e-mail per day comprised of all new daily announcements posted
    • Opt-out, indicating that you will frequently browse your SIG's Virtual Community page for new postings
  • Enter your e-mail address.
  • Click on "Next Page."
  • Because you have already joined your SIG's Virtual Community, you will receive a security prompt with your registered user name already listed. Enter your password at this prompt and click "Finish."
  • This will bring up a listing of your SIG's posted announcements. Click on "My SIG's Page" to view all postings in their entirety or to conclude the registration process and begin browsing.
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Special Interest Group Newsletter  April 2006

Cancer Genetics SIG Officers

Judith (Judie) Kehs Much, CRNP, AOCN®, APRN-BC
Oncology Nurse Practitioner
Integrated Oncology Care
Allentown, PA

Agnes Masny, RN, MPH, MSN, CRNP
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Loud, RN, MSN, CRNP
Derwood, MD

Deborah MacDonald, RN, MS, CS, APNG(c)
City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Duarte, CA


Newsletter Editor
Marilyn Kile, RN, MSN, APRN, AOCN®
Good Samaritan Health Systems Cancer Center
Kearney, NE

Newsletter Co-Editors
Patricia Kelly, RN, MS, AOCN®
Dallas, TX

Patricia B. Herman, MSN, RN, AOCN®
St. Luke's Hospital and Health Network
Bethlehem, PA

ONS Publishing Division Staff
Lori Wilson, BA
Staff Editor
412-859-6288 (O)

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